For as long as I have been shooting video I have been editing video. Starting out on tape-to-tape suites before making the transition into digital non-linear editing only a few years later around 1996.

I learned digital editing on the mac based Media100 system, along with Adobe After Effects, before migrating to Final Cut Pro around 2001 and I have stayed with it ever since.

However, that does not mean staying still. The technology continues to evolve apace.

Whilst the core skills may remain fairly constant, techniques, styles and workflows are constantly changing and it is necessary to develop and maintain a plastic and adaptable mindset which I believe I have managed to acquire.

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Where the magic happens.
This desk hasn't been this tidy in 10 years.

I am as at home editing footage shot by someone else as that shot by me and whilst I can work quickly with unseen footage when called upon I prefer to take my time where possible and absorb the full spirit of the project at hand.