From operating or directing cameras to recording and production of full presentations or edited highlights during or after the event, conferences and live events have been a mainstay of my working life for as long as I have been in the business.

As someone who works alone most of the time I really value being part of a team of professionals each with defined and vital roles to play in making the event a success.

I am happy to slot into whatever role I am assigned, be it standing behind a camera and doing as I'm told to being responsible for camera positioning and direction.

Very often the job will require me to bring along all my kit to record presentations and breakout activities to document the event fully and/or produce an edited highlights video to be played out at the close of the event.

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My favourite set up at times like this is to have my 2 main cameras working side by side as a close-up and wide, a discreetly positioned GoPro offering a reverse angle on the audience and then slide and video content will be processed and assembled to make up the 4th camera angle.

I can then cut between these 4 angles as required in post production.