My name is James Hargreaves and I have been playing with video cameras and editing the results since I was 14, and that was back in 1983.

Needless to say that since then I have seen the technology evolve from the VHS camcorders and U-Matic rigs with bulky separate recorders that I started on through to the 4K cameras (and flying camera!) that I use today.

Similarly the editing technology has evolved from the clunky old tape-to-tape suites through to the streamlined digital systems that we all take for granted now. I was first introduced to digital editing in 1995 on the Mac based Media100 system.

At around the same time I also had to get very quickly acquainted with the Windows based Speed Razor system, an experience which convinced me once and for all that Mac based editing was the one true path.

So, from 2001 I adopted Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects as my editing weapons of choice and have stayed with them ever since.

I am a firm believer that the editing process starts before shooting, knowing the story you want to tell, how you are going to tell it and planning accordingly.

The fact that I have been the person responsible for editing the majority of my camera output has, over the course of 2 decades, equipped me to be able to see much better the shots I should be getting when I am still in a position to get them.

Proudly sporting a BVW-200 on my shoulder on location circa 1996.

This is me looking very pleased with myself sporting a BVW-200 on my shoulder whilst on location circa 1995.

All that said, a production can be let down by poor sound so it is also worth noting that I have always recorded my own sound and pay equal attention to getting that right as I do to capturing the right shots.

I have no formal qualifications, just 30 odd years vocational training which is ongoing. Above all else this has fostered a default can-do mindset when it comes to dealing with new challenges.

One illustration of this is this website which I have built myself, learning how to do so as I go. This has been the nature of many projects that I have undertaken over the years and will continue to be in the future.

I am equally comfortable working on my own or as part of a team and over the years have found myself operating as a production plug-in for many different larger organisations.